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 研究室に配属された卒論生、また大学院入試に合格した修士学生は、研究内容の中からテーマを選んでいただきますが、これ以外で希望するテーマがあればご相談に応じます。研究室としては、社会への貢献を意識しつつ、多様性のある環境づくりと、自由度の高い大学の利点を活かした研究を行うことを心がけています。/Students are asked to choose a theme from among the research topics, but if there is any other theme you wish to pursue, we are welcome to discuss. As a laboratory, we try to create a diverse environment and take advantage of the high degree of freedom of the university, while being conscious of our contribution to society.


(1) 毎週のゼミは、文書によって研究に進捗状況を報告するもので、1か月に1回程度発表の順番が回ってきます。
(2) 荒井研との合同ゼミは、pptを用いた学会発表形式の発表会を行うもので学期中に1回発表することになります。質疑時間を発表時間と同程度確保し、深い議論ができるように努めています(学部生10分+10分、修士15分+15分、博士25分+20分)。
(3) 学期末の最終発表会では、その学期の成果を文書でまとめると共に、pptで成果の発表をしていただきます。
(4) 夏休み中には、修士の学生を対象に英語での発表会を実施しています。発表は修士学生のみですが、卒論生を含めて全員が参加して質疑を行います。これは、修士論文の発表が英語であることから始めたものですが、留学生に自身の研究を知っていただく機会になっています。

 We have general gathering on middle of March including welcome and farewell of students. In a semester, we have (i) weekly seminar, (ii) joint meeting with Arai Lab, and (iii) final presentation (Jury) at the end of the semester. Most activities are held online except general gathering on March. In addition to above, individual or group meetings are held if necessary.
(i) At the weekly seminar, students are requested to report their progress of research in writing, about once a month.
(ii) The joint seminar with the Arai Lab is held with conference-style presentation using ppt files, and students are expected to give one presentation during the semester. We take longer discussion time for deeper discussion (Undergraduate: 10 min + 10min, Master: 15 min + 15min, Doctor: 25 min + 20 min).
(iii) At the Jury, you are requested to summarize your activities in the semester in writing, as well as to present you results in ppt.
(iv) During the summer vacation, we hold an occasion of presentations in English for master's students. Only master's students are asked to present, but all students are invited to participate to join discussion. This was started because the master's thesis is presented in English, but it has become an opportunity for international students to learn about research of Japanese students.

分析装置/Analytical Equipments

現在、以下の分析装置を所有しています。研究内容によっては、外部機関と協力し、装置を使わせていただくこともあります。/We have following equipments in our lab. We sometimes borrow the equipments at outside lab depending on the contents of the research.
  • Spectrophotometer (JASCO, V-670)
  • Fluorescence Spectrophotometer (JASCO, FP-8200)
  • Turbiditiy Meter (Nippon Densyoku, WA6000)
  • TOC analyzer (Shimadzu, TOC-V)
  • Ion chromatography (Shimadzu)
  • FTIR with microscope (Perkin Elmer, Spotlight 200i)
  • UPLC with UV and fluorescence detector (Waters, UPLC H-Class)
  • HS-GCMS (Agilent, 8860(GC), 5977B(MSD), 8697A(HSS))